Friday, September 24, 2010

Suitcase Challenge! Check out this prize!

Hi ladies! I think it's time for a challenge! Many thanks for all the comments and emails I received for the suitcase tutorial, they mean so much to me. This will be the first challenge I have ever hosted on my blog so let's make it super special! The winner will receive some amazing goodies!

Here are the rules:

Create a suitcase using the tutorial below.
Must have a vintage or shabby feel to it.
Must use either fabric or lace.
Deadline is October 15, 2010-(New Deadline)at midnight Pacific Time.
Leave a comment with a link to your blog.
Post your suitcase on your blog and link my blog to your project.
Be unique use your imagination and go with it!
I will pick a winner on October 20, 2010.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lovely Roses Tutorial #1

Oh what a day! I hate going to work, I wish I could just stay home and make lots of pretty things! I do want to take a minute before we get started to thank you ladies for all the wonderful comments, they mean so much!

Okay now for the tutorial: Let's get started once you master this flower you will be able to alter it however you like...

Here is what you need:

Fabric ( I used Muslin)
Needle and thread
Lace, Ribbons or pearls
Pretty button or vintage jewel
Staz on ink
Circle punch
Tim Holtz tea dye distressing ink or you can use tea or coffe
Cardstock (to make your template)
Hot glue gun

Make your template using your chipboard.  One petal should be about 2 inches and the other about 1.5 inches in lengh. I simply drew two U shape petals (they don't need to be perfect). Trace and cut petals.   I used 9 large and 4 small for my flower.

Using your Staz on ink and your stamps go ahead and stamp the hole petal, it's okay to overlap.  Make sure to stamp the edges as well.  Then in a container combine Tim Holtz distressing ink with water and bathe your petals in it for a few minutes.  Do not rinse. Let dry.

This is how they should look like, you can see how I stamped my petals.

Now, using your needle and thread, make a pleat in the center and stich it in place.

After you are done stiching the pleat place your petal between your thumb and your index finger, now pull with your nail. (I hope this makes sence) You should see that your petal is beggining to curl.  Do this to all your petals.


Punch a 1" circle out of paper or if you are going to wear your flower on a shirt you can also cut a circle out of felt.  Apply glue to the middle then start placing your petals.

Now cut 4 pieces of lace about 3 inches long. I used Websters Pages Lace, I love Websters!

Again using your thread and needle sew a running stich on one side of the piece of lace.  Here's how they should look.

Adhere two pieces of lace and more petals.

Continue layering petals and lace until all your large petals are gone.

Now that you are done with your large petals, adhere your small petals the same way.

Make a small bow using some more lace and adhere on the center of your flower.

Using a glue gun adhere your button or vintage piece of jewelry.

Tear a piece of muslin about 3/4 of an inch by 18, bathe in tea stain ink for a few minutes and let dry.  Cut 16 inches or so of different laces and ribbons, again I used Websters laces and velvet ribon. 

Apply your ribbon and lace pieces to the back of your beautiful flower and that's it enjoy! You can now add it to a shirt if you glue a pin on the back, or you can use it to decorate just about anything!

I hope I made this tutorial easy to follow, as always if you need any help let me know and I will help you as much as I can.  You can find my email addres on the top right corner.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lovely Roses

Did you enjoy the suit case tutorial? well if you like it and you are craving another tutorial then email me or leave a comment to learn how to make these beautiful flowers. Roses make everything so much prettier, try making a headband or embelish a tank top, how about pinning it on a cute bag?
While we are in the Rose subject pick up my button on the side bar and invite your friends to my blog to enjoy more tutorials.

Thanks for the visit!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paris here we come tutorial

Bonjour, today I have a tutorial for you lovely ladies! I saw this beautiful suit case over at The Shabby Tea Room blog back in July. I then went on a rampage looking for a template or tutorial with no success...sooo I decided to make my own tutorial.
Once, someone told me that the reason I make beautiful projects is because I buy all my embellishment.  Well,  today I'm proving that person wrong because I've made all the embelishments for this suit case.  A beautiful flower (that will be another tutorial coming soon), a grunge tag, my very own distressed vintage ribbon (this will also be a tutorial coming soon) and of course the suit case itself.
I wanted my suit case to have a French feel to it and I think I achieved the desired effect.
I hope you enjoy making one or more of these beautiful suit cases and be kind enough to leave me a comment to encourage new tutorials...

Au revoir!

Now for the tutorial:

Here's what you will need:
2 sheets of 12x12 paper
Paper Cutter
Bone folder tool
Ink Pad
Laces, Ribbons, Buttons, Tag, Floss and a pretty flower.
Optional: Velcro and a hinge or metal piece to act as a lock, 8 circles of coordinating paper folded in quarters for all corners.

Step 1: You can mix and match your paper
Cut- 2 pieces measuring 6x7
4 pieces of 2x7
4 pieces of 2x6
1 piece of 1.25 x 6 round the corners (optional)

Step 2: Using your ruler and pencil mark 1/4 inch of all the sides on the 6x7 pieces. Fold using your bone folder tool. Also, mark 1/4 on the 2x7 and 2x6 pieces along the narrow sides and fold with your bone folder tool. These tabs will be used for adhering all the parts together.

Step 3: Cut the small square that forms when you mark and fold all the sides of the 6x7 squares.

Step 4: Glue all the pieces together using the tabs we created. Now you have two boxes.

Step 5: Adhere lace vertically and lace or trim around each of your boxes. Inside and outside so they can look pretty once it opens.

Step 6: Cut a 6 inch piece of ribbon. Seal the ends with a lighter. Apply to both of the boxes, half on the top box and half on the bottom box.
Tip: Give a little room for the ribbon to flex so glue a little under half.

Step 7: Bend and shape the 1.25x6 piece of paper to resemble the handle. Adhere on the side you have chosen to have the handle.

Step 8: Now for the fun part, embellish your suitcase. I embellished mine with two vintage buttons and my very own vintage bias tape, I also made a beautiful tag and a flower made with stamped Muslin fabric, vintage jewelry and lace.

I hope I've made things pretty clear but if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to email me and I will try to help you.

Thanks for your comments they mean so much to me.

Para mis amigas hispanas por favor usen el translador locado en la parte de arriba. Gracias por sus comentarios!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's Cooking Cupcake

Hi ladies, I'm in love with the new Melissa Francess Kitchen line. I made this super cute cupcake mini album to show case my two kids afterschool program; from what I hear they do a lot of cooking! I used the WHAT'S COOKING GOOD LOOKING kit featured this month at Divine Design Kits. The kit has 14 amazing papers all from Melissa Francess newest line, also cardstock stickers and other goodies! The best part is that is well under $20! Check it out by cliking on the link at the top of this page...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to reality!

What a week! I never realized how challenging having a girl would be. My five year old daughter just started kindergarten and getting her ready in the morning along with my son and myself has been crazy to say the least! After dropping them off at school I head off to work- which has been extremely busy this last week. Let's not forget all the after school activities like soccer, back to school night, parent teacher conferences, etc!

I do complaint about my busy life but I love it! I wouldn't want to have it any other way. My kids are my life and I adore every crazy minute I spend with them!

Thanks for letting me share my "adventures" in parenting land with you!

I made this beautiful angel, inspired by the challenge at Let's get Shabby but I did not have the time to post it earlier.
Products used Melissa Frances crepe paper, pearls and lace, music sheets, a paper macche dress form from Michael's, Vintage Jewelry, K&Co. Madelline paper, lace and a thrift store find stand.
It was so easy and fun to make! it now sits with all my other dress forms...

Thanks for visiting!

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